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Holiday Smiles – 2022 supporting The Guild for Human Services 🙂  Click on the “Smiles in Action” tab for full details!

Warm Winter Smiles – December 2021 🙂    Click on the “Smiles in Action” tab for full details!


Thank You, Veterans! Veterans Day Smiles – November 2021 🙂     Click on the “Smiles in Action” tab for full details! 

Comfort Smiles for Thanksgiving 2020 🙂   Click on the “Smiles in Action” tab for details!


2019 and 2020… so far!  Click on the “Smiles in Action” tab for details!

Fourth of July – Thank You Smiles – 2019   (See the Smiles in Action tab for full details 🙂 )Bags


Spring Smiles – April 2019   (See the Smiles in Action tab for full details 🙂  )


Warm Winter Smiles – November 2018

DJ’s Holiday Smiles partnered again with the Crossroads Family Center in East Boston during the Thanksgiving season to provide Warm Winter Smiles to 35 parents residing at the shelter.  Each Smile Bag held a new winter jacket, hat/gloves/scarf, socks and slippers specifically selected for each mother and father.  The parents are often overlooked when seasonal donations are made, so we were more than happy to bring Smiles to them this year.  Once again, we were overwhelmed with the generosity of all of our donors and felt blessed to be able to share Smiles because of so many wonderful people.  Thank you to all!


Back to School Smiles – September 2018

DJ’s Holiday Smiles was happy to be able to work with the Crossroads Family Center in Boston once again this year.  For the Back-to-School season, we gathered donations of lunch boxes, water bottles and snacks so that we could create fun Smile Packages for the 27 children that reside there.  Crossroads Family Center reported back to us that the children were all very happy with their personalized packages ~ thank you so much to everyone that took part!


Thank You Smiles ~ Fourth of July 2018

DJ’s Holiday Smiles collaborated with many generous donors this season in order to bring 325 Thank You Smile packages to the United States Veterans that reside at the New England Center for Homeless Veterans, Boston. We were proud to be able to give small gifts of thank you to the deserving veterans who have bravely served our country. Much appreciation to all that contributed, now and in the past. We are so grateful for the on-going support!

DJ and Dada


Pampering Smiles ~ Mothers Day 2018

We were so pleased to be able to provide 30 Pampering Smile boxes to the Crossroads Family Center for Mothers Day this season. The Pampering Smile boxes contained all of the necessities of summer, with a fun flair! Thanks to so many generous donors, we were able to create festive boxes containing flip flops, sunblock, sunglasses, lotion, shampoo, soap, loofah, etc. We are so thankful that so many people care about DJ and helped us provide Smiles that made an impact to 30 deserving mothers. Thank you!


Wrapped and ready for delivery 🙂


Winter Smiles ~ 2017

Winter Smiles ~ 2017     ~     DJHS was able to deliver 28+ customized Warm Smiles Bags to the Crossroads Family Shelter in East Boston, MA.   Each bag included a warm bed in a bag set, towel sets, throw blankets, pillows and fuzzy socks.   With the size of this Smile Project, we even had to borrow a large van for the delivery! 🙂


Spring Smiles ~ 2017


Spring Smiles – 2017 – – DJ delivered baskets of necessities and fun Easter items to a family shelter located in Somerville, MA.  These baskets were geared towards the specific needs and requests of the families residing at the shelter.


Fourth of July, 2016 – – Small scale smile project, DJ delivered water
and snacks to the New England Center for Homeless Veterans,
located in Downtown Boston.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Staff members at the Crossroads Family Center – happy to distribute Smile Bags to the families that reside there.   Valentines Day – 2016.  🙂

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28 Valentine’s Smile Bags

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